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Our made-to-measure service provides tailors with a unique proposition. We are the perfect choice for those who seek a tailoring service that offers high-quality garment manufacture with quick lead times, right on their own doorstep. We offer a wide range of suit options to cater for the most discerning customer. Discover how you can provide a heightened level of service in partnership with the English Tailoring Company.

Made to Measure

Put simply, The English Tailoring Company manufacture commissioned suits that are truly 'Made in England'. To order a made-to-measure garment, we ask tailors to take the customer's measurements and supply them directly to us. We then craft an elegant suit to these exact specifications with precision and stunning quality.

Our brochure offers a wide range of options to help guide you and your customer when deciding upon the cut, fit and details of their next suit. Our quick lead times make it possible for tailors to provide luxury items to their customers in just 2–4 weeks, whilst maintaining superb standards of quality. We can also provide floating chest pieces, half and full canvases for those who wish to go a little bit further. 

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