We pride ourselves on being a self-sufficient manufacturer. Our process from start-to-finish is British through-and-through and we're one of the very few companies in the entire country that can do this. Working with our parent company Antich and Sons, we're able to produce luxury worsted cloth from yarn, and cut, make and trim fine suits at our Huddersfield facility, just two miles away.

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Yarn Department

Our yarn store team look after over one million-pounds worth of fine merino yarn at any one time. A fully computerised and bar-coded  system helps keep control of over half-a-million different products. Our team have full control of when, where and how much yarn is used. Our Stores are air-conditioned making sure the high value merino wools are stored in perfect conditions to help make some of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. 


This is the first stage of preparing the Yarn, ready for weaving. Over the years, warping machinery has changed and become more advanced, but the fundamental process hasn’t. Warp means "that which is thrown across" (Old English wearp, from weorpan, to throw). Our warping department is capable of warping high-value, high-design fine merino fabrics, from fourteen metres to bulk Woollen upholstery and specialist fire protection fabrics. Tension is the key to a well prepared warp; we pride ourselves on having the skill and experience to handle any material. 

Warp Preparation

This is where the warp yarns–now on a warp beam with the help of the healding machine–are put on to a gear in preparation for the weaving machine. Individual drafts are created for specific fabrics, which then form well-known fabrics such as plain weave, twill and herringbone weaves. In times gone by, preparing a job for loom could have taken up to two days. Now with hi-tech healding machines the whole process can be done in just two hours.


This is where the magic happens! Yarns, warps, wefting plans and designs are converted into luxurious, high value, premium suiting fabrics. Our name is forged on constantly supplying a high quality finished product, on time, again-and-again. The quality is down to a constant high level of investment in machinery and to a dedicated experienced staff who have exceptional attention to detail. Our weaving department benefits from a fully air-conditioned environment enabling us to weave some of the finest yarns available. With high-tech machinery which includes thirty sulzer G6200 and four rigid rapier Dornier, the weaving department is capable of weaving approximately 40,000 metres per week. Highly skilled Tuners and quality control processes ensure we get the product right first time.


With one of the largest fine worsted mending facilities in England, we are at the forefront of the mending sector. Experience and a wealth of knowledge are imperative when becoming an accomplished mender. The experience is built up over years of training on fine worsted fabrics. An attention to detail, precision and accuracy are fundamental requirements when working with fine yarns. This is the last process we do, and it is our final quality control check to ensure the product is up to the high standards required by our prestigious customers.

English Tailoring Company

The English Tailoring Company has invested heavily in a modern production facility that will be capable of manufacturing approximately 200 bespoke suits a month. Advanced computer systems will give reassuring confidence that our team can deliver a high quality finished product to the trade. Aligned with a computerised ordering system and order tracking system, our customers can be confident in the knowledge they have up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Pattern Room

This is the most treasured room in the company. It's where all our individual customers requirements are created, ensuring they receive a suit that lives up to the bespoke tag. From a customer’s posture, to the balance of a pattern, this is all taken into consideration when creating a one off card for your customer


Traditionally, tailoring houses cut fabric by hand and this is something we still do. However modern techniques involving laser guided cutting machines is an unavoidable truth driving the evolution of this industry. The English Tailoring Company has recognised this. Having a high-tech precision machine such as this gives us the capability to cut very detailed patterns and fabric unquestionably, over-and-over again. We believe the accuracy and precision of this new technology, along with the reduced cutting times will enable English Tailoring Company to replicate a pattern conclusively, which improves sewing and pressing efficiencies.  


From machine sewing to hand stitching we offer it all. Our tailors have built up years of experience hand-crafting a product that we and our customers can be proud of. We go the extra mile with little details. It's not something we shout about or promote, but something that the discerning eye can see. We believe the internal components are just as important as the outer layers and our attention to quality and detail shine through from within. We also believe the security of this great industry lies in the training of the next generation of tailors. This is why we pride ourselves in our in-house training to keep the passion alive.


This is the final process in a highly skilled manufacturing chain. We believe that a well-made suit undergoes minimal pressing as areas such as the form, fullness and shape of a jacket, have already been created in the cutting and sewing stages. However, the art of pressing is a skill passed down from one technician to another. A skilled technician can enhance a good garment; a bad one can kill it. With a dedicated pressing line, English Tailoring Company is capable of offering all this and more.

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