English Tailoring Company

Situated in the heart of West Yorkshire, we provide a commissioned cut, make and trim service for tailors throughout the UK. Our garments are expertly crafted in Huddersfield – the home of luxurious fabrics – making our suits completely and truly 'Made in England'. Our goal is to work in partnership with British tailors to offer an unbeatable service for suit wearers throughout the country. 

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English Tailoring Company is the British commissioned tailors. Our business is to manufacture expertly crafted garments for tailors throughout the UK.

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An Unbeatable Service

An Unbeatable Service

We believe in superior quality, expeditious lead times, and elegant craftsmanship. Our service is specifically tailored to make sure we always achieve the best for our customers.

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Proudly Made In England

Made in England is a label of quality. A mark of heritage. An extension of our national identity. We’re proud to say that our tailoring supply chain stays here in England and never leaves the country–because we believe in keeping the British in fine British tailoring. Find out more about our British supply chain.

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